Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Wrap Up

Wow, I can't believe that Christmas already came and went! It was a whirl-wind for us since we had so many places to go. I am not complaining because it was a blessing to see a lot of our family but it was a little exhausting.

Christmas Eve day was spent at Aunt Debbie's. She and my cousin Dodie put on so many activities for the kids to do. I totally love that they do this every year because it really focuses on the kids and it has nothing to do with presents. Austin first participated (barely) in a live nativity scene. He was a not-so-happy shepherd. (he had just woken up from a 10 minute nap and needed some time to adjust) My niece Donna Dean was Mary. Austin would not leave her side. Thank goodness she was there or he would have sat out this year. During the nativity scene, the story of Jesus' birth is told and there were carolers singing. It was too cute!

The Grumpy Shepherd

Once Austin saw Santa he was in a better mood. He can see Santa anywhere and think he is the real deal. He told him again that he wanted roller skates.

The kids made a their own Christmas cookie to leave out for Santa and individual cakes which they put candles in to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. Santa ended up forgoing the cookie that Austin made since it was loaded with red hots, Pez candy and life savers.

Next, it was on to the crafts. The kids made reindeer food, pine cone bird feeders and painted their own ornaments.

The candy cane and bell are on our tree and will be every year. I love homeade ornaments.

Austin woke so excited to find all the stuff that Santa had left him. He brought just the right amount this year since last year he went a little overboard. :) The train set below had many other parts to it and ended up covering the floor by the end of the day. I highly recommend GeoTrax.

Waylon and I both got new watches this year and Austin has been bugging us for one for a while. He finally got one in his stocking. He has worn it every day since. He can't tell time and most of the time the watch has all zeros on it since he constantly pushes the buttons. We totally love asking him what time it is because he looks at his watch and says, "15" or "8-9". The majority of the day, it is 8:00.

This was one of his favorite toys. He is so intrigued by fire trucks and fire stations so he got the complete set.

Santa came through on the roller skates. Yes, he does have a helmet (not pictured). And trust me, he will need it. I am surprised I was able to get this pic because he can barely stand up in those things.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Heflins

My little monster was ADORABLE in his Christmas program. I completely turned into mush when I saw him up there waving at us from the stage. Not sure I have ever been more proud. That is what being a Mom is all about!

More pics from the program

The joy of giving is so overwhelming! I am fortunate to have a job where I get paid to give everyday and actually see the results. I just finished picking up over 100 toys for foster children that were donated by Houston families. What a great feeling! On my way to work today I was listening to the St. Jude's radio-thon on a local station. They get me crying every year!!! The stories are so compelling. They were pleading to those families that have healthy children to think of those that don't. Say no more...I called in and made my donation. This holiday, I am so grateful to have healthy family and to be in a position to give to those who don't.

On another note; Austin mailed two letters (pictures) to Santa last night in hopes to get on back in return. He saw Santa a few weeks ago and told him that he wants roller skates, a motorcycle, an ice cream machine and another machine (?). I think he is watching too much Calliou. :) Thankfully he is also learning through school and us that Christmas is about celebrating Jesus' birthday.

All is well with baby Heflin (at least that is what the nausea is telling me). I am 3 months along now and have another Dr. appointment on Monday so more on that later.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to yours.

Overdue Turkey Day pics

Waylon got to spend eat lunch at Austin's school for Thanksgiving. Here are the pilgrims of PreK 4. :)

I am quite sure that Austin did not eat anything on his plate. He hates potatoes and everything else that is related to the veggie family.