Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Woo Hoo!!!

I am so excited!!! The shoe themed baby shower I styled was featured on AndersRuff today.  Check it out HERE!


I wanted to share some of the most recent cookies I've made. I totally love everything about fall and dressing my kids up for Halloween (check back next week to see their costumes. Aus and Jack are going to be quite the pair :)). Last night I made some Halloween and Fall pumpkin cookies just because.

I will have a special post to come about the next set. I am so very excited about these little birds!

I think I am starting to like this cookies stuff! More to come!

My Lucky #7

Yup, that's my little man, #7. He struts his stuff every Saturday. Waylon, Jackson and I are thoroughly entertained every minute of it.

Corner kick. Austin is awesome when he has the ball all to himself.

When he doesn't have the ball to himself (this is where the entertaining part comes in) we get to watch him run. Waylon and I have determined that Austin LOVES soccer. Austin loves soccer because Austin LOVES to run! He runs around the ball; not to the ball; not to kick or steal the ball, but around the ball. He also likes to watch himself run. Not sure why, but he will look back at his feet in amazement. It is completely awesome.
When he is not running around on the opposite side of the field that the goal is on, he is.....
on the sideline giving his brother a quick hug...

...and a kiss.

We are so enjoying watching him have fun.

We love you #7!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Just Jack

When this sweet, amazing, little man smiles, it is always full force. It doesn't take much these days to make him laugh or smile.

He is infectious.

His baby blues draw you in...

...and you're hooked for life.

I am completely head over heels in love with this sweet, amazing, 4 month old, little man.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"One, Two...Buckle Brynlee's Shoe"

My friend Natalie, asked me to plan a baby girl shower for her best friend. Natalie had a great idea to start this baby girl's shoe collection in addition to getting registry items. This was really original and turned out great!
I started with a an awesome invite design and printables from AndersRuff (as usual :)).
I made this tissue paper wreath for the front door...very easy.

We went with a dessert table for this shower too. Dessert tables ROCK! Who doesn't love desserts?

I chose orange, pink and brown since it was a fall shower. It was also super girly.

The desserts consisted of white wine cake, cream puffs, hand-dipped pretzels, mini chocolate donuts and mini strawberry and lemon cupcakes. The candy jars were filled with sixlets, whoppers and Hershey kisses.

My sister Shawn helped me make these faux roman shades to create a back drop.

I decoupaged this "B" and my niece, Donna tied the ribbons and added the flower.

I think these Hershey Kisses were my favorite part. Glued to the bottom of every single kiss were the party logos that matched the invite.

The beverage table turned out cute too! I must say that champagne lemonade is a must for all parties!!! You won't really mind all those shower games with this in your glass! :)

These sugar-rimmed glasses made the lemonade taste even better.

Yes, even water bottle labels!

The favor table contained boxes for the guests to fill with candy from the dessert table and a cookie as they left.

All of the favor boxes said, "Thank you for coming."

I made these mary jane cookies with fondant buttons the night before.

All of this could not have been set up with out the help of the official hostesses of this party, Natalie, Joan and Nikki.
A special thanks to my mom for helping me with last minute details and for watching the boys during the event; to Donna for letting me borrow your table cloths; to Shawn for working so very hard on those darn roman shades :) among other things; and to Donna Dean for helping me with pretty much everything including most of the baking and gluing while being an amazing nanny to my kiddos during the day.
I appreciate all of you helping me bring this to life.
Congratulations to Toni, the future Mommy of two!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Look Whoooo's Having a Boy!!!

My friend and co-worker Emily, is having a baby boy in December (hopefully November). My work friends, Anita, Breanne, DeNita and I hosted this super cute shower for her at work. I totally love how it all came together!
Mommy and Daddy-to-be, Emily and Chase

Emily's parents are great and are going to be awesome grandparents!

How freaking cute is the dessert table?

The guests could write advice or well wishes for Emily on a paper leaf and hang them on the tree.

Breanne made these adorable owls.

You know I had to make cookies!

We went with an afternoon shower so that we could have desserts. Great idea!!!! They were all so good!

I had to include this pic from the beverage table. I labeled the water. I know it was pretty much self-explanatory but it was solely for decoration purposes. It makes me laugh.

Congratulations Emily and Chase!!!!