Saturday, January 23, 2010

Heflin Happenings

Just thought I would post a quick update about what we have been up to lately. It's not terribly exciting so don't get your hopes up. :) Waylon has is now coaching youth lacrosse and loving it. He has practice though on MWF nights and games on some Saturday and Sundays. I think he is really enjoying this coaching thing and it is great to see so many kids playing lacrosse in the area. I had not idea how big it was down here.

Here is Waylon and his team

Austin has been engrossed with his GeoTrax trains since Christmas. He spends most days/nights upstairs playing. I will post a pic later of his GeoTown. He is also so very excited about "his baby". He continues to ask if his baby is ready yet. I heard him tell someone that when his baby is done, Mommy is going to the hospital to push the her out. He is convinced that it is a girl. He talks about how he is going to teach her how to talk, walk and play. And he will be the one that takes care of her when she cries.

We met Aunt Jenni and family at "Chick-A-Way" last night since Spider Man was going to be there. Austin had a blast seeing Spider Man, Super Woman and playing with the boys. The kids that wore a superhero t-shirt, PJs or costume got a free ice cream sundae. Chick-Fil-A is the best!

Baby Heflin is doing good as well. I went to the doctor yesterday and things are moving along just as they should be. Thank goodness the morning sickness has subsided! It actually feels weird not to be sick while I am pregnant. I kinda feel like something is wrong if I am not sick since I was for so long with Austin.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Texas Bowl

DePelchin Children's Center is the charitable beneficiary of the Texas Bowl so we get to meet the players every year and go to the game. Austin went for the first time to meet the players. As soon as we entered the room, the cheerleaders of both teams swarmed to him like a moth to a flame. They took him around to meet the players and get his football autographed. He had such a good time. I hope to get some more pics up later.

This year, Waylon and I went to the game and Austin hung out with Granny and Papa. It was a great game but a little cold with the stinking roof open.

Navy vs. Missouri - Navy won 35-13. They were actually making a touchdown in this pic. Go Navy!!!!!!!