Sunday, November 4, 2012

Heflin Halloween

I love Halloween because I love to see my kiddos in costume.  I could actually do without all the candy as they don't really eat much of it.   It is so fun watching them get it though. 
Ninja Austin took his costume very seriously.  He even won "Best Boy Costume" at his after school program.  He was so very proud of the little trophy he won and the $1 bill. 

He is really into ninjas right now as he started tae kwon do this year. 

My cowboy was very hard to photograph.  Jack was being a punk and wouldn't let me take his picture.  He wore his costume to school during the day so it was pretty raggedy by the time we were ready to go trick-or-treating.

I really enjoyed trick-or-treating this year since Jack understood what he was doing.  He was insistent on holding his pumpkin the entire time even when it was totally full.

They did great.  Jack went into everyone's home totally uninvited.  LOVED it!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Little Heflin-Action

Since it's been 20 years since I've posted anything about the Heflin boys, I figured I will just start with some of my favorite recent pics.
Did you know that Jack turned TWO?! {terrible two}  We had a low-key family get-together this year and he had a great time.  He got this awesome kitchen which I was so excited about.
It now looks nothing like this as all of the cute, little accessories have been tossed aside and now there are 50 shades of crayon on it. 
It was cute watching him cook while it lasted.
Yes, my sweet six year old is in first grade!!! 

I was impressed with his choice to go with the messenger bag and crazy-bright tennies.   
He also recently pulled out his 3rd tooth.  Dental school in his future?!

We had a visit this summer from one of my BFFs and her sweet girls who live in Canada. Austin grew up with these girls and it was awesome being around them again.

Water balloon fight was a must.

Due to mosquitoes, Jack had to watch from the sidelines.  He wasn't too sad though since he climbed up to get one of the girls' pack of starburst and ate every single one.

Alright, I will post more later; just had to get some in to clear my conscience.  :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I am Guilty...

Of being a horrible blogger!  There is so much to share, I don't even know where to start.  My last post was Halloween.  Since then, we are back down to two kids (ours) as my nieces are with another amazing family.  The three months that we had five kids were the most difficult months of my entire life. One of the most difficult days was the day they left.  They are doing amazing however and we are going to see them tomorrow. 

That experience taught me so much about myself, my kids, and my family.  I am more proud of Austin than I ever have been.  He handled the time with the girls so very well.  He was a great brother/cousin to them.  He was always a huge help and never complained.  Jack on the other hand picked up some not-so-awesome habits as a result of the attention sharing.  He started biting and tantruming more often.  He has gotten a lot better as things have settled down around here. 

Austin experienced a huge milestone week of Christmas;  he lost a tooth!

I didn't even know it was loose.  Waylon was at home with the boys and when I got home from work, Austin was so excited to show me his tooth and let me know that he pulled it out himself!  Waylon said that one minute, Austin was complaining that it was loose, the next minute, he had pulled it on his own.  I had a little "mommy moment" about that one.  I had no idea that I would get so emotional about a tooth. (Waylon didn't either) ;)  So Aus got a visit from the Tooth Fairy and Santa all in the same week.

 We went to Oklahoma for Christmas which was a great time to get away and see family.  Pics from the trip are coming next!