Sunday, February 28, 2010

Loving Life

Yesterday morning, Austin got in bed with us around 6am (which is a welcomed rarity). Since both Waylon and Austin are the snuggling type, I found myself sandwiched between them and Baby Heflin was moving constantly. I was completely surrounded by my 3 boys. It was a wonderful and claustrophobic feeling at the same time. :)

According to the doctor, Baby Heflin is really big for 5 months. She has already mentioned 10 lbs as future weight! I sure hope she is wrong. She says that I am also having Braxton-Hicks contractions. She said it is best if I try not to walk or exercise. I am totally okay with the exercise part but walking???? No official bed-rest but I just have to take it easy. Meanwhile, Austin has been such a huge help to me. When we are at the grocery store, he puts everything in the basket, and takes all of the clothes out of the dryer when I am doing laundry. He loves helping out and "being stronger than me."

Here is big brother taking a picture for his birthday party invitation...

Lacrosse is also in full swing. Waylon coaches games every weekend and practice 3 nights a week. Just when I was glad that football season was over, now we are eating, sleeping and breathing lacrosse!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's a Boy!!!!!

We had an ultrasound on Monday and they confirmed that it is a baby boy. Having a very different pregnancy then I had with Aus was leading me to believe it was a girl, so we were surprised. He was continuously opening and closing his mouth during the ultrasound. It was amazing to see. Below is a profile picture.

I didn't post the gender-identifying picture cause I did want my boy to be "on display". :)

We told Austin the news and he was disappointed at first. He had it in his mind from the beginning that it was a girl and really wanted a sister. After we explained all the cool things he can teach his baby brother, he got excited and asked where the baby was at.

As for me, I am feeling good but I guess I am the clumsiest when I am prego. The other night while at a friend's house for dinner, I was cutting cilantro and took off the top corner of my left middle finger with a knife (including the nail). After a pointless trip to the ER (they only bandaged it), it is feeling better. I have Dr. Waylon at home who helps me wrap it up. I cannot use the finger still. In fact, it is really difficult to type right now. :) Two days later, I stubbed my foot on the closet door. I now have two purple toes that hurt worse than my finger.

After the gender was reveled, it hit me that I am going to have two kids. Not only two kids, but two BOYS! So many emotions and thoughts are coming and going. I have a couple of friends and a sister that has four or more kids and they make it work everyday, so I am not sure what I am nervous about. I guess reality just set in on Monday. Time to get prepared!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

We won!!!

Thank you everyone for voting for our photo! We won the contest and are so excited.

Oh, and a quick follow up on the "hooker post"...

Austin asked Waylon the other night if he would put some hookers in his room to hang his art work on. :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Please do me a favor....

The photographer that took our photos (Tracy Robinson) is having a contest for all of her clients from 2009. If you click on the link below, you can read more about it. Basically, she has taken her favorite photo from all of her 2009 shoots and is giving the picture with the most votes a very nice prize and a future print credit (we are having shots of the new baby taken so it will come in handy). And if Austin’s picture wins, and you voted for it, you get a print credit too! Austin's picture is #24. She explains that if you email her at indicating that #24 is your favorite photo, then that counts that as a vote; only one vote per person. You can click on the link to view them all. Even if you like another one more, you better vote for ours! :) The contest ends on February 10th so hurry up! I am counting on all of you! Thanks!

Feel free to tell everyone you know…

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"You're a hooker"

No, that is not a typo. My sweet little boy actually said this to me! It was not in the context that you are probably thinking however. :)

Let me set up the scene...

Austin and I were shopping at Target. He was in the basket and we were playing this game we do occasionally. Austin will call me something random like a lamp and then I will call him a tree or something. We continue until we run out of ideas. He is totally cracking up while we do this. The convo went like this:

A: "You're a plate."
E: "You're a curtain."
A: "You're a shoe."
E: "You're a chair."
A: "You're a hooker."
E: "What?!"
A: "You're a hooker."
E: "Austin, what do you think that means?"
A: "It is what you hang stuff on." (as he points to the over-the-door hooks in the laundry isle)
E: (sigh of relief) "Oh, you mean a hook."

I have to say I have not experienced too many moments in which Austin has said something embarrassing (yet). He has told a complete stranger that his hair was ugly and he refers to all people who have grey hair as Grandmas and Grandpas (even though none of his grandparents are grey). "Why is that Grandpa wearing a blue shirt?"
Could you ever be mad at this face???