Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby Shower & Update

We had a baby shower at Grandpa and Tatties last weekend. It was our second of three showers. We really enjoyed spending time with the family and LOVED all the cool stuff we got for the baby! Thank you so much Grandpa and Tattie!

Aus and Demi

We had fun opening presents.

Of course Big Brother helped us open all the presents for "his baby."
I am currently 35 weeks prego and dilated 1 cm. My doctor said that she wants to induce around the 37th week which begins on June 10th. I will have one more ultrasound to determine the weight. Luckily, she will be preventing me from having a C-Section. Austin was also born 3 weeks early and still weighed 7lbs, 9oz. I just have big babies I guess.
We are almost ready to go. I finished breastfeeding classes last night. I was scheduled to take them when I was prego with Austin but never got to it since he unexpectedly came early. I know now that is why I was not successful in nursing Austin. I always thought, "how hard can it be", but there is a lot more to it than I thought. The classes were really helpful. I am going to pack the hospital bag today and finish getting organized. It is much easier knowing exactly what you need the second time around!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

What a week!

Things have been crazy at the Heflin house! It all started last Sunday night when Austin began vomiting. He continued to do so for 17 hours straight into Monday night. I would not be surprised if my washing machine breaks down due to how many loads of sheets and towels I had to wash. Tuesday, he continuously ran fever all day. Wednesday, it was back to vomiting with fever. During these 3 days I was in communication with the doctor who said the stomach virus would pass. But by Wednesday she was worried about dehydration. I took him in and the they tried to administer an IV twice which didn't take. That was extremely stressful and sad to witness. Austin kept saying, "No pokeies, no pokies!" "I don't want the pokey medicine!" The doc sent me home with instructions of no food, just gallons of pedialyte. On Thursday he had to drink 24 more ounces of pedialyte by 1:00 before we went back to try the IV again. This was very challenging because he didn't understand why he couldn't eat anything. He of course freaked out when he learned that they were going to try the IV again. I have never seen him so upset or scared. While they were putting the IV in and he was screaming, he turned both of his legs to one side and yelled, "Mommy, cover my legs so they don't put the pokey medicine in my legs too!" 2 hours later, the fluids were in and he seemed to be better. Friday he was so very exhausted and lethargic. I could not wait to get my little boy back. It was like he was a different person. He is very serious and sarcastic when he is sick. It is Saturday now and he is playing and back to his silly self.

It was a very physically and emotionally draining week for all. During this time I also had a doctor appointment for baby Heflin. He is doing great; moving ALL the time and seems to have the hiccups every time I drink something. Only 8 weeks (or less) until he arrives.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oklahoma City

Granny, Austin and I flew to Oklahoma City for the weekend to visit my sister, Lendi, my grandmother and the rest of the family. It was Austin's first airplane ride so we were so very excited. I think he was most excited about being able to carry his own suitcase through the airport. He is a pro at flying! He acted like he had done it 100 times before. Unfortunately, I only took a few pics on our very short trip. Thank you Granny for letting us tag along!