Sunday, November 4, 2012

Heflin Halloween

I love Halloween because I love to see my kiddos in costume.  I could actually do without all the candy as they don't really eat much of it.   It is so fun watching them get it though. 
Ninja Austin took his costume very seriously.  He even won "Best Boy Costume" at his after school program.  He was so very proud of the little trophy he won and the $1 bill. 

He is really into ninjas right now as he started tae kwon do this year. 

My cowboy was very hard to photograph.  Jack was being a punk and wouldn't let me take his picture.  He wore his costume to school during the day so it was pretty raggedy by the time we were ready to go trick-or-treating.

I really enjoyed trick-or-treating this year since Jack understood what he was doing.  He was insistent on holding his pumpkin the entire time even when it was totally full.

They did great.  Jack went into everyone's home totally uninvited.  LOVED it!