Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sniff, Sniff....

My maternity leave has sadly come to an end. As I sit here and try to pry my lazy keester off of the couch and prepare for Monday morning, I cannot help but get emotional. In all my mushiness, I feel compelled to talk about what a great time I have had with my sweet babies.
I don't really take vacations. When I take a day off or go out of town, I still check email everyday and keep up with work. Yes, I did that while on maternity leave too but this time it was different. I knew that I had 11 weeks and that someone else would handle it. (and let me tell you, that is the best feeling ever!) I actually have a great job, an awesome team and co-workers but no one compares to the 3 men I have at home. I told myself that when I was off, I was not going to just sit around and watch TV. I kept Austin out of school so that he could hang with Jack and I (and we could save money....yeah right!). I didn't want Austin sitting around the house either. So, we made the most of it. Every minute.
At times, I thought I was crazy by having something planned nearly everyday. I was and am still exhausted. But I have also gotten to spend time with some great friends that I haven't seen in a while and my amazing family.
The tears are starting to form thinking about my Jackson and how big I have seen him grow in such a short time. I was only off for six weeks when Austin was a baby. Five extra weeks really makes a difference! He is such a happy baby (when he's not screaming his head off because he has to take a bottle now). His laugh is completely contagious. I have enjoyed nursing him and creating that bond that no one else will ever have with him. I totally love that I can put him in his bouncy seat within five feet of where Austin is playing and he is completely entertained. He loves his big brother. My first days back to work, I am going to be nervous wondering if he is sleeping okay or crying too much or eating enough...
And my Austin...the time with him has been especially great. Okay, now the tears are flowing. He is completely in love with Jackson. He CANNOT keep his hands off of him, still! He constantly wants to "pet" Jack and hug and kiss him. Austin has helped me so much with many things including the chores around the house, getting diapers for me, calming Jack when he is crying and more. I am confident that Austin stayed entertained all summer. I wanted to keep busy just for him. He did recently get a Nintendo DS and has turned into a "gaming zombie". The sound of Mario plunging into hot lava or running into a flying turtle 5000 times a day fills my house and car. I have to say that I don't really mind it because I am also addicted to Mario Bros and it has been fun watching a four year old pick it up so quickly. I wanted to keep electronic gaming devices as far away from Austin for as long as I could but when grandparents are involved, I lose.
Next year, Austin will be heading to kindergarten. That makes my stomach hurt. The only shred of toddler left in him is the way he says the word "wis" (with) or "spikey" (spicey). I dare not correct it because it is all that is left. He does everything on his own. He is out of toddler clothes, he can play games on the laptop and open/close the car door and put his seat belt on in his car seat. He is practically a grown man!!! (or at least that is how I feel).
With all of that said, I am so grateful and excited that my sweet niece, Donna Dean (who's totally cute blog you will see over to the right - Donna's Daily Happenings) will be watching the boys here at the house. She watched Austin until he was 18 months old. I know they are in the best of hands and will have a great time. It will probably be hard to pry Jack from her hands everyday when I get home. That is how much she loves babies.
Here are a couple of pics from this weeks ventures...

I have taken up baking. (pictures to come) and I freaking love it! The cookies above however are Austin's. He decorated them with piping bags. These sugar cookies are THE BOMB! So. Very. Good.

We took a trip with Tattie to see Grandpa at work. Grandpa wanted Austin to come visit and take a ride in a big rig. He had the best time.

Grandpa gave Austin a souvenir for his visit. We are building quite a collection of Mack trucks around here. They are actually collectors items but Austin plays with them a little more than he should. Thank you Grandpa!

And now it's time to get off the couch...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

He might save your life one day...

My sweet friend and fellow Pink Lady, Amber is a Houston Fire Fighter. We went to visit her this week at the fire station. She let Austin do pretty much everything aside from putting out a fire (thanks for not letting him do that) :). During story time before bed, Austin often wants us to read one of two fire truck books that he has. He was so excited to see everything we have been reading about.
Of course he HAD to wear his fireman rain boots.

He didn't hesitate at all to go high up on the ladder.

He actually got to drive the fire truck himself.

Back of the ambulance....eeek!

This one is going in the Pre-K firemen calendar! (He is such a ham!)

Thank you so much "Ambular". We love you and appreciate the heroic work you do!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Heflin Boys

Need your daily fix of the Heflin boys??? Here you go...

I personally cannot get enough!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


What an awesome summer so far! I am so glad that I kept Austin out of school while on maternity leave so that we could take advantage of the summer and our time together. Austin has never been to the beach until a few weeks ago. I know...I live about 45 minutes (I am a speedy driver :)) from Galveston and we haven't taken him. Well, he LOVES the beach! Good to know he is not scared of the water or what is or could be in the water. Aunt Shawn rented a beach house and invited us out.

Austin finally got to fly his kite that I bought him LAST year.

Poor Jackson was bound to the beach house the majority of the time since it was 187 degrees outside. He did get to bask in the shade a time or two.

Uncle Clay sculpted this cool mermaid.

Austin has a rockin' farmer tan now.

Monday, August 2, 2010


The first time I saw Jackson, I thought that he looked exactly like Austin when he was a baby. Here is the proof:

It is crazy how much they look alike. Austin quickly lost all of his hair and Jack is also. They even have the same mannerisms.
The other day, I caught Austin after he had picked his nose and was going to wipe his finger on my coffee table (freaking gross). Here is my conversation with him about it...
E: "Austin! What are you doing?!!"
A: "Nothing (with a guilty smirk)."
E: "You NEVER wipe your finger on anything except a tissue or toilet paper! Do you understand?"
A: "Understand. I will get the boogers off everything else tomorrow."
Boogers are an ongoing battle here.