Sunday, August 8, 2010


What an awesome summer so far! I am so glad that I kept Austin out of school while on maternity leave so that we could take advantage of the summer and our time together. Austin has never been to the beach until a few weeks ago. I know...I live about 45 minutes (I am a speedy driver :)) from Galveston and we haven't taken him. Well, he LOVES the beach! Good to know he is not scared of the water or what is or could be in the water. Aunt Shawn rented a beach house and invited us out.

Austin finally got to fly his kite that I bought him LAST year.

Poor Jackson was bound to the beach house the majority of the time since it was 187 degrees outside. He did get to bask in the shade a time or two.

Uncle Clay sculpted this cool mermaid.

Austin has a rockin' farmer tan now.

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  1. So freakin cute...I love the beach pics! Wish I could have been there with you!