Sunday, February 28, 2010

Loving Life

Yesterday morning, Austin got in bed with us around 6am (which is a welcomed rarity). Since both Waylon and Austin are the snuggling type, I found myself sandwiched between them and Baby Heflin was moving constantly. I was completely surrounded by my 3 boys. It was a wonderful and claustrophobic feeling at the same time. :)

According to the doctor, Baby Heflin is really big for 5 months. She has already mentioned 10 lbs as future weight! I sure hope she is wrong. She says that I am also having Braxton-Hicks contractions. She said it is best if I try not to walk or exercise. I am totally okay with the exercise part but walking???? No official bed-rest but I just have to take it easy. Meanwhile, Austin has been such a huge help to me. When we are at the grocery store, he puts everything in the basket, and takes all of the clothes out of the dryer when I am doing laundry. He loves helping out and "being stronger than me."

Here is big brother taking a picture for his birthday party invitation...

Lacrosse is also in full swing. Waylon coaches games every weekend and practice 3 nights a week. Just when I was glad that football season was over, now we are eating, sleeping and breathing lacrosse!

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