Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's a Boy!!!!!

We had an ultrasound on Monday and they confirmed that it is a baby boy. Having a very different pregnancy then I had with Aus was leading me to believe it was a girl, so we were surprised. He was continuously opening and closing his mouth during the ultrasound. It was amazing to see. Below is a profile picture.

I didn't post the gender-identifying picture cause I did want my boy to be "on display". :)

We told Austin the news and he was disappointed at first. He had it in his mind from the beginning that it was a girl and really wanted a sister. After we explained all the cool things he can teach his baby brother, he got excited and asked where the baby was at.

As for me, I am feeling good but I guess I am the clumsiest when I am prego. The other night while at a friend's house for dinner, I was cutting cilantro and took off the top corner of my left middle finger with a knife (including the nail). After a pointless trip to the ER (they only bandaged it), it is feeling better. I have Dr. Waylon at home who helps me wrap it up. I cannot use the finger still. In fact, it is really difficult to type right now. :) Two days later, I stubbed my foot on the closet door. I now have two purple toes that hurt worse than my finger.

After the gender was reveled, it hit me that I am going to have two kids. Not only two kids, but two BOYS! So many emotions and thoughts are coming and going. I have a couple of friends and a sister that has four or more kids and they make it work everyday, so I am not sure what I am nervous about. I guess reality just set in on Monday. Time to get prepared!

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  1. Congrats!!! I love having two. It was super hard in the beginning but it goes by so fast. It's worth it.