Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Little Heflin-Action

Since it's been 20 years since I've posted anything about the Heflin boys, I figured I will just start with some of my favorite recent pics.
Did you know that Jack turned TWO?! {terrible two}  We had a low-key family get-together this year and he had a great time.  He got this awesome kitchen which I was so excited about.
It now looks nothing like this as all of the cute, little accessories have been tossed aside and now there are 50 shades of crayon on it. 
It was cute watching him cook while it lasted.
Yes, my sweet six year old is in first grade!!! 

I was impressed with his choice to go with the messenger bag and crazy-bright tennies.   
He also recently pulled out his 3rd tooth.  Dental school in his future?!

We had a visit this summer from one of my BFFs and her sweet girls who live in Canada. Austin grew up with these girls and it was awesome being around them again.

Water balloon fight was a must.

Due to mosquitoes, Jack had to watch from the sidelines.  He wasn't too sad though since he climbed up to get one of the girls' pack of starburst and ate every single one.

Alright, I will post more later; just had to get some in to clear my conscience.  :)

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