Sunday, October 17, 2010


We have been so very busy. This time of year is so much fun but also very exhausting. Austin began soccer in September so we have games every weekend and practice during the week. Waylon also began the fall season of lacrosse. He will be coaching the 4th through 6th grade team again this year.

I took the boys to Oklahoma last weekend for the Race for the Cure. It is a cool tradition that my family participates in every year. We began doing this after my grandmother passed away from breast cancer in 2000. The race always coincides with SHSU homecoming or our anniversary. I really wanted to go since we haven't been in a few years. We get to spend time with my Uncle Mel and Aunt Cindy and of course my sister Lendi and Jake.
Waylon had to work so I took the boys by myself. Jack is not a good car rider so I had to leave at 3:30 am. It took 9 hours each way. Yes, I spent 18 hours in the car with my boys in one weekend. I am certifiably insane!!!! It was totally worth it however to see everyone and to create memories for my kids.

On Sunday, we took the boys to a pumpkin patch in Oklahoma. There was a lot for them to do so they had a great time.

Austin and Jake

The following pictures are of what I did this weekend. I participated in the design of two different baby showers. I will post more about each of these separately and the cookies I made for them.

The first one was for my friend, Emily at work. Three of my coworkers and I hosted her "Look Whoooo's having a Boy" shower on Friday.

On Saturday, I designed and planned everything for the "One, Two Buckle Brynlee's Shoe" shower for a friend of mine.

Sunday was dinner with the Pink Ladies and our Pink Babies. We got to meet Nicki's sweet Colin and catch up. Love these girls!!!!!!

Waylon and I also celebrated our 6 year anniversary in the midst of all of this on Saturday. We actually celebrated by simply saying "Happy Anniversary". There was just no time for anything else. Wow....6 amazing years...It is hard to believe.
More exciting stuff and pics to come from the showers.

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