Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Lucky #7

Yup, that's my little man, #7. He struts his stuff every Saturday. Waylon, Jackson and I are thoroughly entertained every minute of it.

Corner kick. Austin is awesome when he has the ball all to himself.

When he doesn't have the ball to himself (this is where the entertaining part comes in) we get to watch him run. Waylon and I have determined that Austin LOVES soccer. Austin loves soccer because Austin LOVES to run! He runs around the ball; not to the ball; not to kick or steal the ball, but around the ball. He also likes to watch himself run. Not sure why, but he will look back at his feet in amazement. It is completely awesome.
When he is not running around on the opposite side of the field that the goal is on, he is.....
on the sideline giving his brother a quick hug...

...and a kiss.

We are so enjoying watching him have fun.

We love you #7!

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