Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day...

to the wonderful fathers in our lives.

To my amazing husband - You have accomplished so much this year all the while being such a great father. Austin thinks that his Daddy can do or fix anything! Thank you for the sacrifices you have made for your family. We love you!

Grandpa, there is nothing more special than seeing your grandson being born. I love this picture of you two. It reminds me that you were there when he came into this world. Austin can't wait to be a "big boy" like his Grandpa.

Papa, thank you for being there and teaching Austin so many important things. He is so fortunate to have two Grandfathers. Austin loves his Papa very much.

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  1. ah, Erin, this is so sweet! I've been so bad at keeping our blog up to date...that is my goal next month (okay, so maybe not til Aug- but the month of AUG I am taking OFF completely! and only focusing on the girls) Between weddings and babies and birthdays and boot camp, volunteering left and right, the list goes on and on! anyway...just had a minute to click on your blog:-) so sweet!