Sunday, September 5, 2010

We LOVE Presents!

We were pleasantly surprised to get a package the other day that contained a present for each of us. My Uncle Mel and Aunt Cindy from Oklahoma, sent Austin, Waylon and I a T-shirt from Ireland and some very fitting "monkey" pj's for Jack.

So stinking cute...

...but this is more realistic!

The package also contained this AMAZING baby blanket that was handmade for Jackson. Austin has one too that he still loves. It is getting a little tattered from all the lugging around.

One thing I love almost as much as my boys, is a homemade blanket. {And yes, that is my sweet baby sucking his thumb. He is doing it more often now when he gets sleepy. I guess he will take after his Mommy who sucked her thumb for an undisclosed amount of time (years).}

This blanket is even more AMAZING with this little monster laying on it.

Thank you Uncle Mel and Aunt Cindy for the very thoughtful gifts! We love you!

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  1. omg...each picture got cuter and cuter as I scrolled down. Holy crap...I cant get over how beautiful my cousins are...but its expected with such gorgeous parents. :) I love this update and I love you. xoxox