Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2012 Year in Pictures {1 of several}

I am so behind on blogging. I figure I will catch up by doing a 2012 review in pics with few words. I am going to post the pics in order of events. 

Lacrosse - Austin played on the first ever kindergarten team.  He loved it and is playing again this season. 

My sweet boy before we chopped off his mullet. 

We took the kiddos to the NASA Space Center.  It was awesome and highly recommended.

My sweet Austin turned 6 (and I also got older). 

Birthday presents and birthday donuts before school.

Pizza party at Chuck E. Cheese!

You know I HAD to make cookie and cupcakes for it :)

Pizza favor boxes that my mom helped me make.

He actually caught the golden ticket worth 1000 tickets!


Elementary School fair

More to come...

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