Sunday, May 31, 2009

Huge Milestone!

That's right, Austin can swim! The second half of our Memorial Day took place in Granny and Papa's pool. Kerri and her girls came over to swim too. Austin was hesitant to get in the pool at first. He was wearing a life jacket just floating around with the help of Mom/Dad and a pool noodle then all of a sudden he wanted to do it by himself. For the next hour or so, he swam all over the pool by himself! It was so awesome to see him accomplish this!

Samantha, Austin, Daniella and Jake ready to jump in. I know...Austin needs a bigger life jacket!

He was jumping in all on his own with no one to catch him. I have no idea where this sudden desire to grow up came from!

Taking a break...

Aunt Lendi and Jake

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