Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fun stuff

Austin has a huge bag of blocks that he plays with regularly. One night he asked me to look at the "horsies" that he made. I could not believe it. All I could think was, my kid is a genius!!! I know...I know...but I am his Mom and I am allowed to think that. He makes them all the time and is very particular about the blocks and colors that he uses. I am still not sure how he learned to do that.

Last night the horsies were pulling a wagon and two people were driving it. Pretty clever....

We took him to see his first movie at the theater. We saw Ice Age or as Austin calls it, "scrat". As the previews were playing it was really quiet and then you hear Austin say, "Mommy, where's the remote?" That was awesome. He liked the movie and it was a fun experience for him. I highly recommend movies around 11am on Sunday. We only paid $10 for all 3 of us!

So after Austin hears someone burp, we often hear him say, "cochino" and then he tells them to say excuse me. My Spanish is a little rusty so I looked it up and it means dirty or filthy. I am guessing that his teachers are saying it at school when a kid burps. Little do they know that my kid picked it up and remembers it. He even says it with the proper Spanish accent.

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