Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I knew the day would come when Austin wanted to pick out his own clothes or shoes. The day has come! There is a little boy in his class, Braydon, who Austin calls "Draydon". He recently got some new Sketchers. Some how or another, Austin has been calling them "bysketchers". If If I call them Sketchers or shoes, he corrects me and says they are bysketchers. He has been talking about these for over a week. I recently took him shopping for shoes and he wanted nothing but bysketchers. It was frustrating because I had no idea what these darn things looked like. He did say that they had a "number" on them.

I was dropping him off at school on Monday and he said, "Mom, member to look at Draydon's bysketchers." I hunted Braydon down and took a good look at his shoes. I am not really fond of black tennis shoes or shoes with characters on them but these aren't that bad. After looking on the Internet, I found them on sale at Sears and sure enough there is a big "S" on the side of them. We went that afternoon (I had to give in because it was so freaking cute and he really needed a pair of shoes for school!) I have never seen him so excited! When you child tries on a pair of shoes and screams, "YEAHHHH!" in the middle of the store, you know you made the right decision. As soon as we got home, he put them on, wore them with his PJ's and to bed. He woke up not long after falling asleep and said that his feet were hot. I took off the shoes but he wanted them to lay right next to him. He is so proud of his bysketchers.


  1. oh geez that boy is cute. LOVE HIM!

  2. Aww, see excitement like that is worth doing it.