Monday, August 10, 2009

Quick Update

Things have been pretty busy around the here. Waylon has been working really long hours and I also have been working more nights. Our weekends are also jam-packed with tons of stuff. This weekend we had two birthday parties. One was for my nephew, Anthony and the other was for Austin's friend, Daniella. Austin geared up early for Daniella's party which was at Chuck E Cheese on Sunday.

This cup is a genius idea

Samantha, Daniella and Austin

Daniella and Samantha will be moving to Canada in a few days. They are the daughters of my friend and co-worker, Kerri. Austin has become so close with these girls as they have been around him since he was a baby. He calls them his sisters.
Fernandez Girls, we love you and are going to miss you so very much!
~ For a sneak peek at our family pictures, go to I will let you know when they are all up to view.

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  1. We miss you guys so much!!!! Love you guys! Hey you need to post the conversation Austin and I had when I picked him up from school about you saying a bad word (shut up) on your cell phone...that was hilarious! Gosh I miss you guys