Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

We went to the light car parade on Market Street over the weekend and it was cold!!!  Well, cold for our neck of the woods.  Anything below 50 degrees is too cold for me.

How freaking cute are these kiddos waiting to see the parade of cars all lit up (which ended up only being about 20)?

Austin was super excited.  The cold weather doesn't ever phase him.

Jack hung in there too.  This was his first venture out into the cold weather.

Jack and Drew waiting patiently.

The Monteleones - Thanks for inviting us out guys!!

Although is was a short parade, it was well worth it to get us out and in the Holiday spirit!  Maybe I'll try to continue my seasonal blog posts with Christmas song titles.  Too bad we can't listen to Christmas music ALL year long!  I think Waylon would if he could.  Shhh! ;)

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