Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Wrap Up

Our Christmas was wonderful but went by WAY too fast!   

Austin is a big believer in Santa, which is awesome but it is getting hard to keep up what I have told him about the North Pole and such.  He is too smart for this to go on much longer so I will soak it up while it lasts.  We started out on Christmas Eve morning with cookies for Santa.  I gave Austin complete control over this process which as really hard.  {I am learning that I am kind of a control freak.}

Okay, I did help him ice a few.

The finished products were might tasty!

Then it was off to Aunt Debbie's for kids activities.  Every year, my cousin Dodie plans activities for the kids on Christmas Eve.  Austin always looks forward to this.  This year, we made cookies, reindeer food, ate cake and sang happy birthday to Jesus.

The kids are making a cookies for Santa.

Austin is becoming a pro.

Here they are making reindeer food.  This is such a fun idea.  They mix together oatmeal, sugar and glitter.  Thanks Aunt Debbie and Dodie for having us over and for always thinking of the kiddos! 

From there, we went back to the house to gather up all of our stuff (in the pouring rain!) and headed to Grandpa's and Tatties for the night.

Speaking of is my munchkin in the Santa suit that Tattie got for him.

It didn't take long to get the boys in their snowman pjs.

Austin went outside in the freezing cold to sprinkle his reindeer food in the grass.

A toast by Grandpa with his homemade Irish Creme.  YUM!

A virgin shot for Aus.  :)

Austin and Donna Dean

Aunt Shawn and her baby

Grandpa and Tattie

Austin's loot.

I ordered these super cute Santa gift tags from my favorite ladies at Anders Ruff.

Jackson's gifts from Santa.

Tattie's beautiful Christmas tree.

 Wonderful Christmas with wonderful family!

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