Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Action Jackson

Man, am I in for trouble!!!!  Jackson began sitting up and crawling all in the same week when he was six months old.  He has also pulled up to standing a few times.  I know....I can't believe it either!!!

The above photo was taken when he was just beginning to sit up on his own.  {Also, please note that he has on the most adorable baby leggings ever!  LOVE them.} 

He is teething big time.  One of the top teeth has just broken through and is on it's way.

He has now mastered sitting up (and looking completely adorable).

Tackling Tattie! 

His sweet brother likes to crawl behind him when he starts to go to too far or get into something so that Jack doesn't get hurt.  He is crawling ALL over the place. 

It's sort of weird for me because Austin did not crawl this soon nor did he crawl on all fours.  Had a monkey/handicapped crawl.  There is no stopping Action Jackson.  He won't even stay still long enough for me to hold him. :(

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