Monday, February 28, 2011

Grandpa's Mardi Gras Surprise

We went to my dad's Mardi Gras surprise party last weekend.  It totally rocked for several reasons....


1. Austin was sooo excited about this.  The anticipation of the surprise was killing him!  He could not wait.  He was sick that night but didn't want to miss seeing his Grandpa.  He made a very sweet card for Grandpa all on his own.

2. My sister, Lendi flew in from Oklahoma just for the surprise.  I only got to see her for one night but it was just enough to get my "Lendi fix". 

3. Some of my favorite ladies were there!

4. My dad was totally surprised!  We were quietly waiting in the backyard when he arrived.  He was thrilled.

5. He was really surprised and excited to see my sister as was the rest of the fam.  No one knew she was coming in.  

 6. My sweet baby had a great time too!  He was passed around to about 20 different people that night and loved every minute of it.

7. I got to make these awesome Mardi Gras cookies.  Check them out here.

Happy Birthday Kendell Ables!  We love you!

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  1. This post is adorable! Especially all the great pictures and your numerical order of events! lol Thanks for bringing the ROCKIN cookies! such a nice addition to the party!