Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week with Cool Aunt Erin

Some of the greatest memories I have from growing up include the visits I had with my cousins for a week or so in the summer.  It was a week non-stop fun.  Last week was officially, "week with Cool Aunt Erin."  I got my nephew, Jake from Oklahoma for a whole week!  I was able to take vacation to do all the things I had planned with them.  I also got to experience life with 3 kids under 5.  Yikes!

Austin and Jake don't get to see each other much but when they do, they pick up right where they left off.  Jake is 3 years old and likes to follow Austin EVERY WHERE he goes and do EVERYTHING Austin is doing.

They made their own BBQ chicken pizzas.

We got to visit with Aunt Jenny and cousins, Connor and Dylan at Chuck E Cheese.

One of the many prizes (pieces of junk) they brought home from CEC were parachute aliens.

I shouldn't knock them, they actually worked pretty good.  It's amazing how much energy boys will spend dropping these things from upstairs and going down to get them 187 times.

We went to Imagination Movers!  This is the only good pic that I got that night.  They boys had a great time!  Jake is an huge Imagination Movers fan.  He entertained us all week with the theme song to the show.  He knows every single word.  Every.  Single.  Word.  Thank you Papa and Granny for the opportunity to go!

Here they are in their Wobble Goggles and IM T-shirts.

Both of them wore these goggles the rest of the week.  I had some one ask me if they both had to have "special" glasses. Ha! 

We went to our friend Reese's 3rd birthday party.  

During this week, Jack's first tooth came in on the bottom.

They took a few much needed baths.

We made smores by the fire.

We also got to visit with Tattie, Grandpa, Aunt Shawn and Donna Dean during the week.  It was a crazy-busy week but totally worth it.  This is a tradition that we will try to do at least twice a year.  We love you Jakey!

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  1. you are the best aunt ever for making such a special week for Jake and Austin! Those memories are something the boys will remember forever and appreciate even more. LOVE all of the pictures!