Monday, October 31, 2011

Bugs & Pirates

Halloween came and went so fast.  It was hard gathering 5 kids for a picture together let alone a decent picture by themselves...

CaptainJackSparrow - Austin says it as one word so I thought I would too.

He actually wanted to wear the awkward, adult-sized mustache and beard. 

The lady bugs looked amazing!  Aunt Shawn did a great job picking out these costumes for the twins.

The sweet bumble bee that won the costume contest in her class at school.

This little pirate also won the costume contest in his class.  Cutest pirate.  Ever.

Happy Halloween from the Heflins.

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  1. seriously!? they BOTH won in their classes? Thats the cutest thing ever. So glad I got to spend Halloween with you and your gang. I love you.