Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Long Time No Post

Wow, has it really been two months since I last posted something???  To tell you the truth, I have a tiny excuse.  Well, I should say three tiny excuses.  My three nieces have been placed with us for an undetermined amount of time.  Twins, age 3 and a 21 month old make up our household of seven.  Needless to say, things have been a little busy.

To catch you up, Austin has been rocking the kindergarten scene.  He is constantly amazing us with all that he is learning.  He has been in school for almost two months and I still tear up when I drop him off everyday.  I cannot get over how big he is.  He made an "All About Me" poster for open house at school.  When Waylon and I went back for parent/teacher conference, it was displayed in the center of the class since he was the Star Student of the Week.

Austin also had a trip to the dentist recently and he did really well.  I was way more nervous than he was.

Jackson has become the ruler of the house.  I will not deny that he is completely rotten.    Even in the midst of the circus our house has become, he is still the youngest and I think he knows it.  You cannot blink an eye without this kid getting into a child-locked kitchen cabinet, standing up on the coffee table, pushing over a lamp, knocking the girls heads together or pulling all of the diapers out of the diaper cart.  (yes, I have a diaper cart)  I still love every single chubby ounce of this baby.

We had a family get-together for my neices' third birthday recently.  These sweet girls love being around people so really enjoyed their day.

The twins were showered with lots of gifts and love.  It has taken a while to get used to having dresses, purses and the color pink spread throughout our house.  We are blessed to have them in our home for however long they will be here.

I expect that things will only get more interesting from here so stay tuned! ;)


  1. I love Austins "All About Me" poster. He is so precious! I love reading about everything going on, as well as getting to be a part of your awesome, crazy, love-filled life.