Sunday, November 7, 2010

A few of my favorite things

This post is dedicated to a few of my favorite pics taken by one of my favorite people, my niece, nanny and self proclaimed God Mother of my children, Donna Dean.

Our first family pic which was taken on Waylon's birthday.  This pic is one of my favorites because it is such a true depiction of what my sweet, little family is like.  I look like a grease ball; Waylon looks like he's had one too many (even though he hadn't); Jack is spitting up and Austin is giving that weird smile that he does now a days with a snorkel on his head.

 This pic reminds me of one of my recent favorite memories.  This is Austin's Papa Joe.  Papa Joe is an amazing man.  He served in World War II among many other awesome accomplishments.  On this day, Austin asked Papa Joe if he would take him to this bridge to see the water.  Papa followed Austin without hesitation.  It was an amazing moment.  Lots of pics were taken here but this one is my favorites. I hope that both Austin and Jack someday understand how completely amazing this man is.

 I am usually not in the pictures.  I am usually behind the camera.  This one is one of my favorites because it is simply me with my baby.  If I had the power to photoshop this pic, believe me, I would have!  But again, it is simply me and my baby.

 If this picture had sound, it would be so loud and at the highest possible decibel you could ever imagine.  This is my sister, Lendi baby-talking to Jack.  Her baby talk would knock your socks off.  Your ear drums would bust.  But it would be worth it.  It is one of my favs because she loves talking to babies and babies love hearing it.

 Brothers?  Nope.  That is Aus and my nephew, Jake.   Unfortunately, they don't get to see each other much but when they do, they pick up right where they left off.  Just as it should be.

 The next two pics are my favorites for two reasons: #1 Donna Dean's room is in the back ground.  She has the freaking cutest room you have ever seen.  #2 Her cute room makes for a very cute backdrop for my very cute baby.

 This pic is also my favorite because this is my blue-eyed baby looking like he looks at all time; drooling! He is teething early so this is a 24/7 occurrence.

 Here is the woman behind all of my favorite pics - Donna Dean.  She has the kindest heart and most giving spirit.  She is WAY to good to us.

 Jack and his Aunt Shawn and Tattie.  How could you not LOVE this pic?  Tattie knows how to make Jackson laugh and Jack makes everyone smile.  Perfect combination.

My final favorite pic is of Granny and Austin.  Granny has been apart of making a few of Austin's Halloween costumes.  The time, effort and memories mean so much.  I just love this picture.

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  1. Ok, #1, Im listening to Taylor Swifts CD while reading this post...#2, Im crying, especially after the post about me. You have no idea how much you and your little family means to me. I love you erin. Thanks for making my week..and it hasnt even started yet.