Sunday, October 11, 2009

SHSU Homecoming

October 10th was homecoming at SHSU. We trucked up to Huntsville to watch Waylon play in the alumni lacrosse game. We bypassed the homecoming drunkfest and made it a family affair. Before the game, we went on campus and took some pictures. Walyon and I graduated from Sam in 2001. My how things have changed!!!! I hardly even recognize the school. Waylon and I were arguing over where the post office used to be. The school has made some amazing changes and it really looks great. It was fun reminiscing our glory days and showing Austin where we went to school.

Waylon took a lot of shots of the campus. I told him that if someone wanted to see pix of the campus, they would look online but he is a proud Bearkat (and the campus is beautiful).

Love, love, love this pic.

Austin had so much fun climbing up the ALL the stairs around the campus.

He wasn't too fond of Sam Houston.

We didn't make it to the football game but I did manage to catch the scoreboard. Eat em' up Kats!
It drizzled the entire time at the lacrosse game but that didn't stop Austin from having fun. He played in the stands with his lacrosse sticks and his buddy, Marshall.

Waylon played lacrosse for Sam from '93 to '96. Every year the current SHSU team plays the alumni. It is very entertaining ! :) It is actually a very rough sport. Hopefully, this will be an annual tradition for us (if it doesn't keep interfering with the Oklahoma City Race for the Cure - then I will have to alternate years).
After the alumni scored their first goal, they all ran to the middle of the field and posed for a picture.
Meanwhile, Aus is still having a ball in the stands.

During halftime, Austin went on to the field to visit Daddy. Waylon is standing with his best buddies, Ben and Nick.

Waylon in action...

Catching the ball...

After the game.
The current team and the alumni

Waylon and his former teammates

It was such a fun night! Can't wait to see if Austin picks up the sport.

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