Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Soccer Ball"

Austin is a soccer player! He is so excited and loves to play "soccer ball". We have been waiting for the day when he would be old enough to participate in sports. I have to say, it is totally awesome watching him play (or running all over the field looking at his shoes). As you can imagine, Waylon is more excited than anyone. After the first game, he went out and purchased some orange cones for the backyard so Austin can "run drills". All of the kids voted on the team name White Knights (which beat out Sons and Daughters and Albino Tigers). He has had 4 games so far. The first game, Austin scored three goals; two for his team and one for the other team. We realized after the first game that Aus was put on a team of kids one year older than him. He should have been on the Under 4 team but was put on the Under 5 team instead. He is holding his own, especially since all of the other kids have a year experience. He is the smallest on the team due to his age.

Austin typically focuses on the ball for a while and then runs by to say hi to Waylon and I on the sidelines. He always makes sure that we are watching him.

Here are some pics from the first game.

Austin and Zoe taking a break during the game on 10/3/09.

All of the kids from both teams line up at the end and go through the tunnel that the parents create. This is their favorite part.

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