Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

The Heflins have been crazy-busy.  We had a two-day garage sale last weekend. The boys were at school for the first day and they "helped" us on the second day. Austin was excited all week for the chance to sell his things. He went through his toys and picked out a few things he was willing to part with. He priced them too.

I didn't realize that when she said he wanted to sell his things, it meant that he wanted to stand behind the table where he placed his stuff and watch it. He would get really disappointed when people would just look at the toys and not purchase any of them.

Austin didn't understand why they didn't want to buy his stuffed Elmo for $5 or why they did not want to "make him an offer" on his train.

It was harder doing a garage sale with a baby then I thought it would be, especially a sick baby.

Jackson started to get sick on Friday night after his first week at day care.  I just attributed it to the day care crud.  It has lasted however, for five days.  Today the doc said that he has an ear infection and she ordered a chest x-ray for pnemunonia. If you haven't see an infant have a chest x-ray, it's very interesting (and a little disturbing).  Jack was put in this contraption which made his arms stay above his head.  It was not fun to watch while he was screaming.

My poor sweet baby.  This is his second illness and it has been rough on him and Mommy.

As bad as he feels, he still manages to crack a smile.   

Austin and I went to a birthday party on Sunday.  I am pretty sure that ALL of our weekends are booked for the rest of the year.  ;)

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  1. oh my gosh - poor little baby. He had to get a chest x-ray? :( ahh, I hate that he's so sick. Hope he's feeling better now. And Austin standing next to his toys for sale is so cute! I hope he eventually made a sale.

    sigh - I miss you all.