Sunday, March 20, 2011

On the Mend

Phew!  Looks like home is on the horizon.  Jack's congestion is doing much better.  It's still there but he is able to suck on a bottle.  He just took 4 oz which is a vast improvement.  His doctor came to visit this morning and wasn't happy with the amount of fluids he has taken in so she ordered more IV fluids.  These were stopped in the middle of the night when the second IV would not work.  It turns out that the IV catheter was bent and preventing fluids from going in.  You know what that means...yup, he got his third IV today in the same arm.  I did not want him to have it but like Waylon said, it is the only thing that we cannot do for him at home.  While the hospital is supporting him, we need to get him everything he needs.  The doc also confirmed that he still has an ear infection which has not gotten better since it was originally diagnosed on Wednesday.  They changed his antibiotics to help with that.  At this point, she is attributing the fever to the ear infection.  

Here he is in his baby jail.  Ever see a hospital crib?  They're interesting.  :)

So, what is the plan?  The plan is to continue to monitor his fever and his eating.  Hopefully these new antibiotics will kick in to help fight the infection.  The doc said that there are several tests cultures still pending.  It could be weeks before results are in.  Their goal is to release him tomorrow if he is eating well and fever free.

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  1. Hang in there mama!!! I can only imagine what yall are going through. Hopefully, you can go home tomorrow.