Sunday, March 20, 2011

Super Trooper

 I fell asleep yesterday afternoon for a minute and literally forgot I was here.  I was quickly reminded by the sound of the IV machine (which is going to be the death of me by the way).  The darn machine kept beeping even when Jack was still.  The nurse recommended that we take out the IV from the top on his tiny hand and replace it with a brand new, shiny IV in his arm.  Really???  So we did.  UGH!!!  They had to use an ultrasound machine to find his vain and and to put it in.  He can't bend his arm at all in spite of it, but he is receiving fluids (I have to remain positive here).  Last night Jackson ran fever of 101 and was quickly relieved by his new BFF, Tylenol.  He goes from feeling miserable one minute to this the next....

This kiddo is a trooper.  With all that is going on, he only cries when we wakes up or when they are poking, sticking, pinching, squeezing, or suctioning him.  One of the challenges right now is getting food in him. He can't breath when a bottle is in his mouth.  I watched him fight is way through 4 ounces last night which was major progress.  Seriously, we wanted to throw a party in our room!  He has learned to recognize the "blue people."  When the nurses have to do something to him (take temp, blood pressure, suction) they put plastic, blue smocks over their scrubs.  A nurse will check on him and talk to him and he is fine.  That same nurse will come back in with her blue smock and he starts to get upset.  He's on to them. ;)

It's 5am-ish on day three at TCH.   Jackson just woke up running fever of 103.  This morning I am seeing more blood from his nose than mucus.  We hope to hear more today about all of those tests they say are in the works.  At this point it looks like one hella-bad viral infection (in my professional opinion).  We just can't get control of this stinking fever or congestion.  He still has an ear infection as well.  I do feel like he is on the mend because of the down time from fever when he is happy.  We have to get his temp and congestion and eating under control before he can leave.

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  1. hey erin,just wanted to tell you that jack and your whole family has been in my prayers. hope he gets better really soon. if theres anything i can do from 200 miles away, let let me know!